Our Services

  1. To provide technical guidance to the Village Housing Projects.
  2. To undertake a comprehensive study of the setup, policies and programmes, targets and achievements, problems in implementation etc. of the various agencies connected with housing.
  3. To arrange housing surveys, in order to ascertain the qualitative and quantitative shortage of Housing in Kerala and to suggest reasonable housing standards consistent with the climate, topography and socio-economic conditions prevalent in the state.
  4. To assist the housing agencies in identifying and acquiring land for the implementation of housing schemes.
  5. To assist the agencies in obtaining institutional finance for housing schemes.
  6. To render guidance to the housing agencies in the implementation of their housing programmes (including scrutiny and approval of housing schemes) and evaluation of achievements against targets.
  7. To arrange research on indigenous building materials through the Engineering College & Engineering Research institutions with a view to reducing the cost of construction.
  8. To collect result on research conducted on building materials and construction techniques by the various research institutions and to make them available to the housing agencies.
  9. To set up a ‘Housing Information Service’ for the benefit of the Housing agencies as well as the public